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Human rights, such as the right to live safety and the right to freely take part in social activities, must apply equally to men and women. The reality, however, is that social awareness of women'fs human rights is still low, and women face various forms of gender-specific problems, such as sexual harassment, domestic violence, child prostitution and underage sexual exploitation, regardless of the region or country in which they live. The Womenfs Dignity Project aims to enhance social recognition of women'fs human rights and dignity and prevent women from becoming victims of abuse in order to build a society where women can live with peace and freedom.
[Round table]
The round table on the agenda gthe outline and result of the women'fs dignity project was held, at which the persons who involved in the projects attended.


  Makiko Arima

Director of AWF. Journalist. Former Japanese representative to the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women

  Hiroko Hashimoto

Professor, Jumonji Gakuen University. Former advisory committee member of AWF. Former member of ESCAP, United Nation

  Yoko Hayashi

Attorney at law. Former advisory committee member of AWF. Member of UN Sub-commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

  Mizuho Matsuda

Former director, operation division of AWF secretariat

  Haruki WADA

Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo. Executive Director of AWF

  Chihiro Watanabe

Member of AWF secretariat


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