Digital Museum:The Comfort Women Issue and the Asian Women's Fund

The AWF's Women's Dignity Project

The Asian Women's Fund also took up Women's Dignity Project as its second task. The Women's Dignity Project reflected on past mistakes and worked on various issues of the contemporary world that violate women's dignity.


 Why does the AWF work on the Women's dignity project?

Ms. Kim Haksoon in 1991 and Ms. Maria Rosa Henson in the following year came out to present themselves as former comfort women, and they were epoch-making moments that founded the Asian Women's Fund and helped it to decide to implement the atonement projects and the women's dignity projects.

The world received a huge shock the next year when it received news of women forced to undergo, systematic rape and compulsory pregnancy as a means of ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia.
The same type of violence perpetrated against the comfort women had reared its ugly head once again in our presence. It was natural that the "Violence against women" issue was taken up on a large scale at the United Nations.

The Japanese government caught the worldwide flow, and decided that the AWF should take up the women's dignity issue based on past reflection. Thereafter, the AWF has implemented projects concerning "Woman's human rights" up to now together with the Japanese government and the Japanese people for ten years. (Quoted from the statement of the president of the AWF at the international symposium)



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