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 The Life in Comfort Stations
Comfort Stations were regularly managed by civilian proprietors, but the military always closely and directly controlled various aspects of comfort stations' activities. This can be known by regulations for the use of comfort stations minutely formulated by local army units. Here we introduce one impressive sample of such regulation. This is the regulation for the use of comfort stations which the 2nd Independent Heavy Siege Artillery Battalion stationed at Changzhou formulated in March 1938.

 The 2nd Independent Heavy Siege Artillery  Battalion “Regulation for the use of Comfort Stations” March 1938, Shiryoshusei, Vol.II, pp. 351-258


First, edifices for comfort stations were provided or constructed by the military. Security control was taken by the military. Working time, holidays and prices, assignment of clients to each unit were decided by the military. Examination of sexual diseases was carried out by military doctors. The military appointed managing committee and in many cases issued tickets for soldiers-visitors of the comfort stations.




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