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 Women made to become comfort women - Other countries

The Japanese military established its first comfort stations in China. Many of them included comfort women from Korea, Taiwan and Japan, along with many from China.

Apart from the comfort stations in the cities and military camps, it is known from victims' testimonies that in the Chinese rural areas the Japanese occupying forces raped the village women, confined them in a specific facility or place and continued to rape them. Many in Yu County, Shanxi. claimed to be victims of these practices and filed suit in Japan.

We know that there were former comfort women in North Korea. A government committee of investigators was established in May 1992. A year later, the committee reported that 131 people had submitted claims to the government that they were victims, of which 34 made public statements. The number increased to 218 people who claimed they were victims with 48 making public statements by the year 2000. Many of them died in later years.

There were also native comfort women in Burma, and comfort stations in Malaysia. There were also people in the south of Micronesia and in East Timor who were made to be comfort women.


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