To our visitors

Hall I : Japanese Military and Comfort Women

Who were the Comfort Women?/ Number of Comfort Stations and Comfort Women/ Their life in comfort stations


Women made to become Comfort Women
 - Philippines/ South Korea/ Taiwan/ Netherlands/ Indonesia/ Other countiries  

Hall II : Establishment of the Asian Women's Fund
   -  How did the Comfort Women Issue come to light?

Establishment of the AWF and the basic concept of its projects

Hall III : Atonement Project of the Asian Women's Fund
   -  Projects by country or region
     - Philippines/ South Korea/ Taiwan/ Netherlands/ Indonesia
   -  Testimonies of the victims
   -  Messages from Japanese contributors
   -  Memoirs of the persons who have engaged themselves with the AWF

Closing of the Asian Women's Fund

Hall VI:Various Efforts regarding the Comfort Women Issue
   -  Discussions in international organizations, Eg. United Nations
   -  Lawsuits in Japanese Courts

Attempts at legislation in the Japanese Diet

Hall V : The AWF's Women's Dignity Project
   -  Round Table: Aim and effect of the project


   -  Historical documents regarding the Comfort Women issue
   -  Materials regarding the Asian Women’s Fund
     - Documents of the Japanese Government and the AWF
     - Protocols of board meetings and attached materials
     - Publications and videos issued by the Asian Women's Fund

The views expressed in the exhibitions of this museum were all formulated on the responsibility of the Asian Women's Fund.